Ranelagh Arts Festival 2007 – Féile Raghnallach

Welcome to the 3rd annual Ranelagh Arts Festival, which promises to be the best yet, with something for everyone in the community.

Our programme comprises a good local base with a dash of exotic flavouring. A very special participant is Maura O’Connell, whose collaboration with Ciarán Tourish in their reworking of the music of the old-time Céilí bands ensures a cultural event of national significance. John Keogh’s history of the formative years of Rock ‘n Roll (1956-61); the Irish abstract art exhibition curated by Michael O’Sullivan; the tribute to Anthony Cronin, the eminence gris of Irish literature; and Desmond Ellis’s stage adaptation of his book Bockety — all combine to make the Ranelagh Arts Festival worth putting in your diary!

From classical music to the Battle of the Bands, the cinemobile, historical walks and talks, and fringe events — there is something for all age groups and artistic tastes.

The Festival is run by a local voluntary committee, with not one paid employee and is our contribution to creating a sense of community in the area.

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