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Upcoming Events

Art Classes
Irish Craft Update is advertising art classes in Ranelagh. They’re happening every Wednesday from the 16th of September, in the Mount Pleasant Tennis Club.
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Ranelagh Gaels Ladies’ Team

The Ranelagh Gaels, Ranelagh’s local Gaelic club, now have a Ladies’ Team. Read more about it on the Ranelagh Gaels website!
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Helen Turkington, Mint, GMale

There’s a good bit of coverage of Ranelagh businesses in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post – Helen Turkington is profiled, there’s word from Dylan McGrath on why Mint closed, and there’s a story about GMale, run by Gavan and Joe Glynn. The Glynns clearly know their audience:
“an Xbox is available to play at reception, while beer is offered in the afternoon and sports generally feature on GMale’s plasma screens.”

Mint Restaurant Closes

There’s some coverage on the Herald of the closure of Mint, Ranelagh’s top-rated restaurant, and a bit of speculation as to who to blame. Interesting material, and of course, there’s the question of whether the next business in that premises will survive long – I’ve seen three different businesses in there, as well as a period when it was unoccupied.

Bistro Bianconi Chef to enter World Championships

Bistro Bianconi’s Fran Carroll is to enter the world pizza championships in Las Vegas. Apparently, his entry is the Jameson & Black Pizza,
“An unlikely combination of Jameson Whiskey, Clonakilty black pudding, Cashel blue cheese, bacon and apple”
If that makes it to the menu in Bistro Bianconi, I’ll be trying it. If it doesn’t, I may have to try making it myself…

Tree Down

There’s a fine image of a tree down in Ranelagh Gardens in Speak from the Hip. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen trees coming down in Ranelagh, but since this winter’s weather has been a lot colder and windier than the last few, I suppose it’s not surprising.

Ranelagh Balloon Flight & Pearse Schools

There are two Ranelagh mentions in the Irish Times today. One concerns Patrick Pearse’s legacy as an educator, with regard to the school in Cullenswood House, and the other is an entry in the Irishman’s Diary column about the unveiling of a statue in Ranelagh Gardens to commemorate the balloon launch there in 1785 by a fellow called Richard Crosbie.

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