Why Reindeer Hides Are A Good Option

Reindeers are extensively farmed in countries like Finland and Russia, as Cowhide Rugs Australia. These cold countries are perfect for farming reindeers who are able to survive in conditions that would otherwise kill off cattle and sheep. Though reindeers are normally not considered wild, there are plenty of them that are being managed by companies who use traditional as well as modern farming methods.


Byproduct of the meat industry

Reindeer hide is a byproduct of the meat industry. This leather is perfect for making rugs and the making of reindeer rugs has been a practice that has been prevalent from very early times. Natural reindeer hide is known for its elegance and luxurious feel. Although reindeer hide rugs are a popular option, they are not as robust as cowhide. Even so, these hides, after being treated, become suitable for use in the indoors as well as outdoors. Reindeer hide rugs are available in different sizes. Their softness and luxuriousness are reasons why people choose natural reindeer hides.


Nature’s beauty

Natural reindeer hides are the very essence of nature’s beauty and their thick as well as warm fur provides an additional touch of sumptuous luxury. They are a great value and the softness of reindeer hides make them perfect for draping over furniture. Alternatively, you can drape them over a chair or throw them over the edge of your bed. The thing that sets natural reindeer hide apart is that it has marks and scars that add to their natural beauty. Ideally, one should keep in mind that natural reindeer hides are delicate and so should ideally be used in places that do not have any foot traffic. They should also be kept away from heat and sunlight to prevent the hide from shedding.


Excellent addition to a home

People who have a strong affinity for reindeer hide will find reindeer hide rugs to be an excellent addition to their homes. Reindeer hides being naturally soft and beautiful are the perfect addition to a home to which you want to add a touch of warmth. Another reason to buy reindeer hide is that is has excellent insulating properties. It is the perfect leather for hanging on your wall.


Unique colors and patterns

Every reindeer hide is different and will have its own unique color and pattern. Keep in mind that if you want to try out a reindeer hide rug that this leather is known for its brittleness. Thus, if you sit on it or if you walk on it, it can shed. Reindeer hides are available in different sizes and shapes. The whole hide is the most common shape while half-hides are also an option worth exploring.


Reindeer hides are also well loved because they make excellent decorative skins that can be used to cover a floor space or be hung on the wall. This skin is the byproduct of the meat industry and reindeers are not killed solely for their skins. If you are planning to use reindeer hide items in the outdoors, then make sure you buy reindeer hides whose undersides have been treated to protect them against wear and tear, water and salt.

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